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6 Tips When Choosing a Property Management Company

A landlord is only as good as their property management company. A good company will keep tenants happy, effectively screen new tenants, and will ensure that all properties under their care are in good condition. If the company you choose does not treat your tenants or properties well, business will suffer. It’s vitally important to […]

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The Commercial Property Manager: How to be Successful in Your Role

Commercial real estate is not the kind of investing that an individual tends to dabble in. Rather, the successful commercial real estate investor owns at least several different properties, and is more focused on earning investment returns than the daily management of those properties. For this reason, many commercial real estate investors look to property […]

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Understanding the Tenant/Property Manager Relationship

Balancing the multiple responsibilities of being a property manager and possibly acting as liaison between owners and tenants may sometimes seem like having several bosses with wildly different needs and expectations. Juggling the tasks and instilling a climate of understanding and mutual respect is not, however, an impossible dream. Communication Is Key The first requirement […]

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