Why More and More Commercial Building Owners are Going Green

Why More and More Commercial Building Owners are Going Green

Why More Commercial Building Owners are Going GreenGoing green with your commercial real estate can help you improve your building's property values, save money for your business and improve the experience of being in your building for employees and customers. If you're a business owner with commercial property, upgrading your commercial building is a smart way to invest in your business. Below are some of the most common reasons that business owners choose to upgrade their commercial building.

Save Money

One of the primary reasons that many commercial buildings are going green is to save money and/or increase value. Energy efficient water heaters, gas stoves and furnaces use less gas to produce heat and keep your facility comfortable. ENERGY STAR rated appliances are among the most efficient appliances on the market. Replacing your commercial appliances with ENERGY STAR rated appliances can help reduce your business's electrical usage.

In addition, low flow toilets, faucets and shower heads can help your business reduce usage by hundreds of gallons, depending on what is being replaced. Newly sealed and insulated ducts, an energy-efficient air conditioner and an energy-efficient furnace can all help you keep your business more comfortable while saving money on heating and cooling costs.

Attract Environmentally Conscious Customers and Tenants

Environmentally conscious customers like to support businesses that share their priorities and values. Making green renovations can help attract these customers. Advertising upgrades and using the most modern green technologies will help ensure that your customers know that your business prioritizes environmental protection.

There are many ways to inform customers that your business has made environmentally friendly upgrades, including:

  • Send out a newsletter to customers when the renovations are taking place to ensure that customers are aware of the changes in your building.
  • Put up signs in bathrooms that tell customers how much water your low-flow fixtures save.
  • Use attractive green building materials (like reclaimed wood and recycled glass tile) that will attract attention from customers.

As word gets around, these upgrades can help build your business or building's reputation, which can in turn help your business to thrive.

Improve Property Value

Green renovations help bring your commercial building into the modern age. Green buildings make better use of energy, cost less money to maintain and typically make use of the most up to date appliances and fixtures. These improvements can help improve your property value and make your building easier to sell when the time comes.

Improved Health of Employees and Tenants

Many green renovations are made with materials that use fewer chemicals. Sustainable, natural materials are the preference during green renovations. Cotton carpeting, natural paints and floors made from clay and brick tile are all natural materials that can help ensure your commercial building has good indoor air quality. In addition, many green renovations focus on keeping the building comfortable with stable, even temperatures and good air flow.

These renovations can help ensure that employees feel more comfortable throughout the day. This contributes to employee wellness, reduces cases of employee absenteeism and helps employees to stay healthier and happier. Businesses that are known to treat their employees well often have an easier time recruiting new employees and retaining old employees. This benefits everyone!

Contact A Green Remodeler

Are you ready to get started on a green remodel? Installing low-flow fixtures, energy efficient appliances and building materials made from natural materials can help improve the reputation of your Sherburne County business while also reducing your business's monthly expenses. For more information about your green remodel, contact an experienced contractor today.

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