Status of The East Town Building Boom - Where Will It Lead?

Construction in East Town Minneapolis Now that the Vikings are playing in their new stadium, it seems there's a lot of construction and development activity in the area. Here's an overview of what's planned and a look at what it might mean for the future of East Minneapolis.

Hint: It's looking good!

Big Ideas

The Strategic Plan for Downtown East and the area surrounding the stadium was always visionary and, perhaps, a bit grandiose. But now it seems as if it's on the way to becoming reality. Between the U of M and downtown's business district, Minneapolis East has always been vibrant. With ample open space, old buildings and residential areas ripe for repurposing, an efficient transportation network, an employment pool to draw from, economic drivers and some other factors that seem to have fallen into place, Minneapolis is poised to reap the benefits and "The Big Build" is likely to change the face of the city -- in ways not yet imagined.

The new US Bank Stadium, which opened the end of August, is an architectural statement in an area with a lot of history. 

Revitalizing the Area

But what else is currently planned for the neighborhood?

Let's take a look:

The Commons, Minneapolis' new 4.2 acre green oasis and event center in East Town, sits poised to revitalize nearby residential neighborhoods, as well as becoming a magnet for business. Situated at 425 Portland Ave. S., the park is convenient to the Elliot Park neighborhood and and to local employees. It is viewed as a true multi-purpose gathering spot.

Elliot Park, one of the oldest neighborhood communities in Minneapolis, has become one of the most spirited and engaged new urban communities, determined to carve a 21st Century lifestyle out of its past. It looks like it is doing just that: Watch the Kraus Anderson Block redevelopment progress through time-lapse photography, and follow progress on the construction of the state of the art ambulatory clinic of Hennepin County Medical Center.

Portland Tower: What more is there to say? Reportedly, 62 units in this new condominium building have been sold prior to completion. That's good news and may signal a new surge in condo building in the city, particularly in East Town.

The new Radisson RED: Again, there's not much to say about this, other than WOW! 

Restaurants galore are opening or under construction in East Town and each one of them sounds worthy of a visit and a taste. 

It seems everyone is watching to see what else will come to East Town, and there seems to be little doubt that it will be exciting!

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