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Should You Stage Your Commercial Property Before Listing It For Sale?

In real estate, staging is the act of dressing up a property so that it looks its best. Staging is usually a term that people hear in the residential real estate market. Wright County homeowners are told that staging a property can increase profits by about $2,000, but little is said about commercial real estate. […]

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How Timber May Reshape the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Timber has been making a rather big splash across the commercial real estate industry due to a number of changes in both industry and public demand. New lamination methods make it possible to use wood in large commercial projects (even skyscrapers), edging out more traditional options like concrete or steel. In addition to the technology […]

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Planned Theater Renovation Targets Nostalgia

An upcoming renovation of the Suburban World Theater in Minneapolis is right in sync with what’s happening across the country. Savvy investors and developers are capitalizing on a growing trend to capture the bygone elegance and traditional appeal of the silver screen era in a high-tech age. There’s a twist, however. Rather than trying to […]

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