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Relocations, Growth, and Incentives

In light of Amazon’s much-publicized city search, municipalities and regions across the country have begun to reexamine the tax incentives and other perks that are appropriate in an effort to attract new business. Deal-making has positive long term benefits for many communities, but there are also some downsides. What are some of the pros and […]

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Technology & Millennial Mindset Spell Big Changes for Business

The rapid expansion of the Millennial workforce globally, particularly in the United States, has produced a series of changes in business philosophy that could not have been envisioned two decades ago and was, even more recently, not totally acknowledged. Today, it is evident that these younger, more demanding employees who now constitute the largest single […]

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Disruptive Technology and the Future of Commercial Real Estate

It’s obvious that the diverse field of commercial real estate—development, design, management and sales—is changing rapidly, influenced by emerging trends in business and technology that have an effect over a broad spectrum of industries. This new reality may initially be disruptive, but there are changes in store that will affect all aspects of real estate […]

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