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Mixed Signals For Senior Home Development in Corcoran

The early-May announcement that Pulte Homes plans to build a major new senior home development in Corcoran was greeted with enthusiasm, but it’s not the only big news on the development scene in the Twin Cities. Pulte and other developers seem to be betting that the Olmstead region will continue to grow during the next […]

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Fresh & Local Restaurant Trends: Catering to New Tastes

Boutique hotel operators and gourmet restaurant chefs across the nation have discovered the appeal of locally grown seasonal produce and artisanal menu offerings. If you have not yet encountered a bright blossom on your plate, or sipped a cocktail that features flavorful herb infusions, you may not be frequenting the trendy lounges and upscale eateries […]

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Targeting Young Families: Target Chain Eyes Remodels to Boost Sales, Build New Ties

Target Corp. recently announced plans to remodel 28 Twin Cities stores this year as part of a $1 billion effort to revamp the look of 325 of its locations nationwide. Locally, the renovations, which target about half of the Twin City Target stores, will cost about $250 million, and this is the largest single market […]

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