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Future Building: Will It Be Green?

Echoing worldwide reports that attracting and retaining employees is a key concern for business today, Erin Wendorf, a vice president with Transwestern, noted late last year that Minneapolis is likely to benefit from a “suburban to urban” migration because of the nearby amenities that a downtown location offers. The city’s strong economy, its robust absorption […]

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Buy or Rent: How to Maximize Available Funds for Your Business

While every business has different needs for physical space, one of the most important considerations for every business involves whether to pay monthly rent or opt for a purchase of a commercial building. There may be no easy answers, but there are specific factors that will allow you to make the right decision, based on […]

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Non-Profit Gives Ex-Cons Deconstruction Opportunities

A Minneapolis non-profit that offers former inmates a hand up after they have served their time is moving into the world of commercial “deconstruction,” after a decade of success with similar residential projects. Rather than simple demolition, the crews employed by Better Futures Minnesota carefully remove a wide range of materials that might normally wind […]

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