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The Promise of Mini Warehouses

Mini warehouses are a great way to establish an income stream while preserving the ability of commercial or industrial land to realize its full value potential, or for surrounding development to “catch up”. With minimal cash, an investor can build valuable equity as well as realize substantial cash flow. Is this a viable way to […]

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Co-Working Spaces: The Face of Modern Business

They’re popping up all over the country. From Austin to New York City, Peoria to Poughkeepsie, and Sarasota to Seattle, co-working spaces and shared offices are just about the hottest item in commercial real estate. Finding Your Space in Minnesota Minneapolis-St. Paul is no different. Numerous new entries in the market cater to a wide […]

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How to Start Small and Win Big in Commercial Investing

There are a lot of opportunities in Minneapolis/St. Paul to rehab smaller commercial buildings and strip centers, turn older homes into modern office buildings, and generate income from four-unit apartment buildings. Starting small may be the path toward large-scale investment or you may find that you enjoy the relative simplicity of small-scale investment. You can […]

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