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Kris Lindahl Real Estate+ Reviews / 5.0
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Your home is the center of your universe. It’s where you can truly just be you. It’s the space where you can perfect the art of living your life.

Here’s why I understand the importance of a good home decision.

My parents built, and we lived in, 14 homes in their lifetime, acting as the General Contractor for most of them. My father was a turn-around executive, and we moved. A lot. As a kid, I went with my folks when they were looking for lots, meeting with architects, builders, plumbers, electricians and real estate agents. When we moved into a new place, in a new city, we were taught how to make each move like a new adventure. My brothers and I learned about sweat equity because we were the family work crew. I could swing a hammer and shovel before I learned how to swing a bat.

So, it was logical that I would buy my first house when I was 20. By then, I knew enough to act as my own house inspector, negotiate the contract and confidently become a new member of the community.

Shortly after graduating from university, I joined the Marine Corps. As a Combat Infantry Officer, I spent the next decade evenly split by either sleeping under the stars or in a house where I rarely unpacked my moving boxes. Moving into new houses didn’t stop with my career in sales; between promotions, transfers and new jobs, we bought a half dozen homes in a dozen years. Then we landed in Woodbury, Minnesota, where we have lived in the same house for the past 20+ years. It’s where my wife and I raised our two daughters. A home that we transformed into the cornerstone of our family’s lives.

For fun year-'round, I am a woodworker and create custom pieces to sell on my Etsy store; Dragon Coolers. I have also been a professional Alpine Ski Instructor for 21 years, skiing almost every weekend, every winter.

Your needs are front and center to our relationship and I look forward to matching what you want and need with your next dream home. It's out there, let's go find it!

Reviews for Kris Lindahl Real Estate

We are moving out of state. Thought about selling our home ourselves. We heard about the Guarantee Offer program and reached out to the Kris Lindahl team. Josh MacDonald was the agent that came to meet with us in our home and explain our options. He was personable and professional. He explained the Guarantee Offer program and also explained that we had many options and levels of service that we could get by listing our home with him. We were very pleased that he had a free cancellation policy. We felt we had nothing to lose by engaging him as our agent. We could still try to sell our selves, or rent out our home, etc. if we did not get an offer that we wanted, or if we changed our minds for any reason. Thanks Josh!

Ruth Calabro

4 months ago

We recently bought our first home and the experience was amazing. We called Kris Lindahl Real Estate after working with two other brokers. The level of service and expertise was unmatched. We made an offer at 2pm on a Friday and our offer was accepted the same day! This was our first time buying a house, so we needed to be guided every step of the way. Kris Lindahl Real Estate did just that; from the initial showing to the closing, we always felt we were well-informed and in control. We could not be happier with our decision to call Kris Lindahl Real Estate and our family is happily settling in and enjoying our new home. Thank you Kris Lindahl Real Estate! We will certainly be calling you again when the time comes for our future real estate needs.

Steve Solberg

2 months ago

We had a great experience working with Dan Erickson from Kris Lindahl! We were not sure if we wanted to renovate our current house or buy a new one. Dan was very accommodating and did not pressure us into listing our old house before we were certain we had found a house we wanted to buy. He was very responsive and quick to find answers to all of our questions. Overall, he was great to work with!


7 months ago