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Tomorrow's Workplace May Feature All the Comforts of HomeCollaboration is a key concept in office design for the future, according to designers who are trying to respond to client demands for flexibility in the workplace. Technology and altered business relationships, along with changing work force schedules have led to new demands for less formal offices, along with new spaces that can be used on a shared basis or reconfigured as needed.

Notable Features of New Office Design

Increased social interaction in the workplace is now viewed as a boon to creativity, boosting performance and helping to establish a
positive corporate culture.
Newer office layouts are more open; they also include dedicated space for employees to meet informally and comfortable areas dedicated to networking or brainstorming, in

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is-commercial-building-over for-the-twin-citiesThere seem to be abundant signs globally that the availability of cheap money that followed the financial crisis of a decade ago is ending, and that a slowdown in all real estate sectors will arrive sooner rather than later. But, is it true? And if a slowdown becomes reality, what effect will it have on Twin Cities development and the local economy as a whole?

The answer is by no means simple, and opinions are far from united: Here's an overview from those who are trying to sort it all out:

No one is yet predicting a crash, but signs of a softening are everywhere, despite record high prices and plenty, perhaps too much, financial liquidity. The opportunities, according to some, aren't in balance with the demand. The noted Chicago-based investor,

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is-there-a-retail-rebirth-in-commercial-real-estateIs it simply wishful thinking, or as some business leaders contend, are we seeing a rebirth of innovation in retail and commercial development in Itasca County? There is no doubt, according to experts, that there are still some store closings and retail chain reorganizations ahead, but the impact may simply be "more of the same" rather than a pronounced downturn, as many had feared.

Based on prevailing opinion from leaders at the International Council of Shopping Centers convention in Las Vegas, there is still ample opportunity for retailers to grow and prosper. Low unemployment rates hinder growth because entry-level retail jobs are sometimes difficult to fill. There may still be store closings, according to most experts, but they are likely to be

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selling-commercial-property-right-by-marketingYou don't have to have an established marketing team to successfully sell your commercial property. With one knowledgeable real estate professional and a smart strategy, you can attract buyers and make a profit from the sale of your commercial real estate - with a great commercial property marketing plan. Whether you're new to the game or an old pro, these tips can help you sell your property quickly and to the highest bidder.

1. Make a Plan

Do research before listing your property for sale. Who are your customers, and what are their expectations? Where are they? What will they like about your property, and what will they want changed? How much do similar properties cost? What can you do to make your property more desirable? How long can you

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selling-commercial-property-means-great-landscapingCommercial properties rely on good landscaping in many ways. Landscaping improves the appearance of the property while making it more user-friendly for customers and workers. Landscaping is also essential for curb appeal.

If you're planning to sell your commercial property sometime in the next year, not only should you consider staging a vacant commercial space, but it might be time to install new landscaping. Updated landscaping can make your property easier to sell, thus increasing your profit.

Most plants look best after they've been given a chance to become established and thrive in their new location, so the earlier you can get started on this project, the better.

Install Low-Maintenance Plants

Most business owners have little time to

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how-to-choose-a-management-companyA landlord is only as good as their property management company. A good company will keep tenants happy, effectively screen new tenants, and will ensure that all properties under their care are in good condition.

If the company you choose does not treat your tenants or properties well, business will suffer. It's vitally important to choose a company that has a good reputation and sound business practices. The following 6 tips can help you choose a property management company that will benefit your properties.

1. Get Referrals

You probably know property owners in your area. Ask someone with good judgment which property management company they use. Find out why they like that company, what they would change about that company (if anything), and

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The Summit Hotel Sale and What Investors and the Public Have LearnedSummit Hotel Properties recently sold off six hotels for $135 million, resulting in a net gain of $36.6 million. One of their properties was the SpringHill Suites by Marriott, located at the Mall of America. The numbers for this sale are impressive, with an EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) multiple of 12.8 and close to 7% capitalization rate.

However, there's a lot more to this story than just the group's net gain from the sale. In fact, Summit Hotel Properties has seen some dips in their stock price that are worth taking note of. Whether an investor holds one property in Hennepin County, Minneapolis or several across the US, there are a few lessons to be learned from this sale that can be applied to

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How Technology is Impacting Commercial real Estate in Minneapolis and St. PaulCommercial real estate in Minneapolis/St. Paul has long been rooted in tradition. Even as technology popped up all over the country, the industry didn't rush toward it en masse. This is understandable, given that office workers and builders have a very different relationship with technology. The Twin Cities are starting to see more adaption of technology in the industry though, even if not everyone is moving at the same pace.

A variety of new tools are converging to smooth out the many wrinkles that pop up along the way of a project. From builders to developers to agents, investors may want to learn more about how new tools such as computerized maintenance management software as well as other types of technology are changing the mindsets of

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Investment in Commercial Real Estate in Minneapolis, Is it a Good Decision?The possibility of a high return on an investment is a reason why some choose to get into commercial real estate. Minneapolis may be a great area to invest in to attract professional tenants that can create a steady income for an investor, as well as other incentives, including the possibility of new opportunity zones.. When reviewing the types of Minneapolis real estate available, how inviting is it to own office space in or near Minneapolis? Is now the right time to buy an office building? Understand more about the demand for office buildings in the commercial real estate market of Minneapolis today.

Investing in Office Buildings

Low, mid and high-rise structures can fall under the office building asset class. Compared with other asset

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The City of Minneapolis Downtown Continues to Grow and ExpandAccording to all pertinent statistics, downtown Minneapolis continues to grow - in a healthy way. Since 2006, the population has increased 56 percent; more than 205,000 employees fill downtown jobs. Last year, the city welcomed 33 million business and leisure visitors, for a total of 2,301,040 hotel room nights occupied.

A whopping 80.7 million rides were recorded by Metro Transit, with another 53.3 million rides recorded on city buses. Expansion is planned for both light rail and bus routes. Nearly 40 percent of the city's office space is within the central business district, and nearly 460,000 square feet of Class A office space was absorbed in 2018 alone. For the seventh straight year, the value of building permits topped $1 billion.


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