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How to Reconcile Affordability with Business Development and DemandAffordability has long been a relative term, but housing affordability is a complex issue. One the one side, rising rental rates are good for business, and the real estate and development communities in the Twin Cities, particularly in Minneapolis, point to higher rents as reason enough to keep building downtown high rises and renovating older buildings into chic new apartments.

The other side of the coin, of course, is the fact that higher rents force some potential renter further from the downtown core, and many people just entering the job market find that they cannot afford to rent anywhere near their places of employment. It's a sad fact, notably in major urban centers like San Francisco, Boston and Austin, Texas. It's also becoming so in

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The New Look of Business Travel Focuses on a Digital LifestyleFrom high-tech and homey amenities for today's business traveler to "staycation" packages that encourage getting away in style, there's a new breeze blowing through the hospitality industry. New hotels in the Twin Cities are right in step with the times. Major chains as well as "one off" boutique establishments recognize the value of providing singular experiences for today's discerning travelers.

The Trendy Look of European Business Convenience

The big news, however, may be the new wave of airport hotels that boast complimentary shuttle service, futuristic decor, simple sleeping rooms filled with hi-tech amenities, and public spaces offering a sense of community, comfortable work space, socializing options and food and refreshment service

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U of M Grows Once Again with New Academic CenterFollowing two years of trying, work on the University of Minnesota's new Health Sciences Education Center is scheduled to begin with the demolition of two existing buildings within a couple of months, but it will take another two years or so before the new facility will finally be completed. Groundbreaking was Tuesday, February 13, for the $108.6 million dollar project that had the governor's blessing but spent two years in front of the state legislature before funds were allocated. It will become the "front door" to the university's academic health center, and will help to attract top students, according to university officials.

Groundbreaking Initiates Long Awaited Project

The Health Sciences facility is not the only project underway at the

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How Small Businesses Can Use Solar Power to Get AheadSolar power is a practical option for small businesses, not just Fortune 500 companies. Not only do solar panels help the environment, but they can also bring in financial benefits for small business owners who seek to reduce their monthly utility bills. Because in recent years solar has become more affordable, installation can fall well within the budget for small business owners, making it a more viable option than it has been in years past. Small- and mid-sized business are finding out that commercial solar panels can provide a solid return.

Businesses may not be aware of the grants and government support available to improve energy efficiency. Additional incentives provide additional motivation to take advantage of solar power.

Get more

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Why More Commercial Building Owners are Going GreenGoing green with your commercial real estate can help you improve your building's property values, save money for your business and improve the experience of being in your building for employees and customers. If you're a business owner with commercial property, upgrading your commercial building is a smart way to invest in your business. Below are some of the most common reasons that business owners choose to upgrade their commercial building.

Save Money

One of the primary reasons that many commercial building owners make green renovations is to save money and/or increase value. Energy efficient water heaters, gas stoves and furnaces use less gas to produce heat and keep your facility comfortable. ENERGY STAR rated appliances are among the

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2018 Office Design TrendsWill offices of the future be sleek and technology-based or are they apt to become more comfortable and homelike? While advocates exist for each extreme, it is evident that the work space of the future continues to evolve, and that there is no "one size fits all" solution. What offices in the next decade become is anyone's guess, but certain trends have emerged that point to new directions in design.

The Importance of Technology

Although many Baby Boomers have retired "from active duty," so to speak, large numbers still work from home or hold consulting positions, and new technology will serve to keep them connected with their industries even though they may no longer work 9-5.

Those in Scott County and elsewhere who do work regular hours,

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St. Paul's Former Downtown Macy'sThe former Macy's in St. Paul is fast becoming a "happening place," and is due to become a popular destination for skating and hockey fans when the new Treasure Island Rink is finally open for business. It should be real soon and, according to Minnesota Wild's Chief Financial Officer Jeff Pellegrom, the team is more than ready to get on the ice of their new rooftop practice center.

The rooftop ice rink is designed to draw upwards of 600,000 visitors during the year. The rink will seat 1,200 people and is expected to be a popular place for Hamline University's hockey teams and sports leagues. Lower floors of the building will include office space, shopping, limited retail and parking. It is convenient to downtown public transportation, including

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Here's How to Start a Career in Commercial Real EstateThe commercial real estate market is hot, particularly in Minneapolis and St. Paul. With a thriving economy, there are more residents moving to the area, which naturally leads to an increase in demand for multi-family housing, retail development and office space to house all of those new jobs. Now is an exciting time for many to consider getting into the commercial real estate market, but it's important to recognize that this industry does not offer an easy opportunity to get rich quick. It takes a dedicated individual who is willing to work hard, persevere and focus on their results. Many commercial real estate veterans have said that these are some of the best tips for those who are new to the industry:

Separate Emotions from a Commercial Real

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Top Qualities To Look For In A Commercial Property ManagerWhen creating an investment strategy for commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, commercial real estate investors will need to recognize that a property manager is the perfect complement to the plan. A property manager or a qualified property management firm will help manage the day-to-day operations of multi-family units, retail buildings and office space. This allows investors to focus on their next major financial purchase or that upcoming real estate deal that will land them a coveted piece of property in the Twin Cities.

The Role of a Property Manager

A property manager is hired by a commercial real estate investor to manage the day-to-day operations of a commercial building as well as the financial records. Property managers

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Downtown Minneapolis or Lyn-Lake: Where Should Your Next Property Be? There are a plenty of great places in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where someone can construct a commercial building or buy one that has already been constructed. But which neighborhood is going to be the best choice, and what kinds of benefits do companies get from choosing that particular location? Two of the most popular options are Downtown and Lyn-Lake, both of which have a lot to offer when it comes to commercial development. Whether someone is looking to buy buildings to rent to others as investment properties, or they want to buy a building to house their company or business, both of those locations could be good choices. Here are some things to consider when choosing between them.

What Kind of Business is Being Developed?

The type

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