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Open Office Space Benefits They're popping up all over the country. From Austin to New York City, Peoria to Poughkeepsie, and Sarasota to Seattle, co-working spaces and shared offices are just about the hottest item in commercial real estate.

Finding Your Space in Minnesota

Minneapolis-St. Paul is no different. Numerous new entries in the market cater to a wide variety of users, from artists who share studio space to freelance writers who like to share a bottomless coffee pot with other solitary workers.

It's a trend that bears some similarities to the "executive suites" or seminar and meeting room rental facilities of previous decades, but with a decidedly modern twist.

While most offer some shared facilities like conference spaces and coffee rooms as well as

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Real Estate Investment Growth There are a lot of opportunities in Minneapolis/St. Paul to rehab smaller commercial buildings and strip centers, turn older homes into modern office buildings, and generate income from four-unit apartment buildings.

Starting small may be the path toward large-scale investment or you may find that you enjoy the relative simplicity of small-scale investment.

You can reap big dividends by investing minimal cash, as long as you allocate sufficient time and energy to the learning curve. However, know that a real estate empire cannot be built overnight. Learn patience - there is no substitute for due diligence. If your goal is to build an investment portfolio that includes rental property, the best way is to start with small steps on the path to your

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