August 2020

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What's in Store for Commercial Office Space?As people return to work, just what will the office environment have in store for them? Will it be totally automated or will it even exist? There are "experts" on both sides of the fence.

Some who once predicted that office buildings of the future would be substantially revamped to accommodate greater workplace flexibility now believe that new offices will be configured differently - with greater attention paid to safety and efficiency. But there are others who envision a future more attuned to digital communication than personal interaction who believe that the traditional office has forever disappeared. Both may be true to some degree.

Future Offices: Different or Non-Existent?

The trend toward working remotely was evident long before the

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Property Management Statistics Point to a Bright FutureResidential and commercial property managers throughout the nation are looking ahead to third and fourth quarter rebounds in the economy, and current data seems to confirm that it will happen. The second half of the year, particularly the fourth quarter, should bring a surge of business.

The way that business will be transacted, however, has been forever affected, and there is substantial uncertainty about how long social distancing and other restrictions will be in effect.

This is the time, agree property managers, to take a close look at business plans and to gear up for that surge. It may begin even earlier. According to a recent New York Times survey of economists, three out of four expect the recovery to begin in the second half of the year.

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