June 2020

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The tried and true real estate adage about "location" may be overused—and everyone knows it's not all about location. However, when making initial decisions about a commercial real estate project, location is certainly an important factor.

Location has an impact not only on what can be developed, but also on cost projections, long-term viability, type of development, return on investment, the environment, and myriad other topics.

Whether the planned development is for a hotel, a warehouse, self storage space, retail space or a restaurant, a medical clinic or a mini-golf course, adjacent land use, streets and neighboring properties all play a part in the decision-making process.

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The Future of Local CRE: Is a Construction Slowdown Coming?One of the few constants in commercial real estate and construction is that business trends are somewhat cyclical. That's not to say there's consensus or predictability concerning the timing or the duration of market ups and downs, but rather a sense of inevitability that, after several years, a slowdown is looming.

Many companies figure periodic slowdowns into long-term business projections, and they have contingency plans in place to compensate for possible negatives. In terms of planning for the future economy, forecasts include a guarded warning that there is, at present, no way to predict exactly when or for how long the effects of the economic downturn will appear.

The plan, at present, at least for major players, is to continue with

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