May 2020

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Office Design Trends for a Future of DistancingEven though Minnesota may be more cautious about reopening business than some other states, Minnesotans may be ahead in studying how to reopen.

New Strategies for Making the Workplace Safe

The Mayo Clinic's Well Living Lab is situated adjacent to the Mayo campus in Rochester, and it is a center of activity. The facility is "uniquely positioned," according to Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Veronique Roger, who also serves as the lab's director of research. By simulating office environments in the lab, she believes the confluence of "building and health science technologies and expertise" will generate knowledge that can prepare safe environments.

The research focus centers around how to best decontaminate surfaces, employ thermal screening at

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Working Together in a Time of DistancingFinding new ways to transact business as well as socialize during the time of quarantine is a prime concern throughout the country, and technology is the prime mover. From business teleconferencing to teaching, enjoying concerts and visiting museums to furnishing a new home or perfecting cooking skills, creative new paths are being forged. And new technology is the driver – across all industries. That's part of the good news.

It's as easy to attend a concert in Rome or visit a historical site in Bangkok as it once was to go to the local library. Even studying and attending school is as effortless as reading an article online. It's all because of those ubiquitous screens.

Today, when the news is all about keeping your distance, it's more than a

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