March 2020

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The Future Seems Steady for Minneapolis Commercial Real EstateThe mood of commercial real estate professionals in the Twin Cities appears to have shifted from an expectation that top-of-the-cycle declines would soon begin to be felt to a more optimistic outlook for the first year of the new decade. A survey of 50 commercial real estate industry leaders, conducted by the University of St. Thomas in May 2019, reported new optimism when compared with results of a 2018 assessment of opportunities and challenges.

Survey Results Signal Stability

Although the overall survey response remains "slightly pessimistic," there are mood upswings in important areas, including a nine-point increase in expected investor return during the coming two years. The survey is designed to forecast movement in the commercial real

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Housing Development is the Basis of Minneapolis' New Growth PlanIn the Twin Cities today—and for the foreseeable future—one must look up. Real estate development is going higher and higher, particularly in Minneapolis. That's not only a metaphor for physical growth and rising prices, but it's an observation in a literal sense. High-rise buildings are the new normal throughout the city, not only in the urban core, but now in Dinkytown and uptown as well. And those high-rises are as likely to be mixed-use developments with retail, office space and affordable apartments as they are to be luxury condominiums.

That skyward focus is most likely here to stay, but there is also something new at ground level, if the city's current efforts to deal with population and employment growth trends, transportation needs and

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Development Conference to Explore Current Trends, Local ConcernsAlthough the CRE world is never static, there are some mixed signals that deserve closer examination as the new year gets underway. A one-day event planned for March 12 at The Dayton's Project, 700 Nicollet Ave. in downtown Minneapolis, will focus on topics that anyone involved in commercial real estate, building, leasing or development in the Twin Cities won't want to miss.

Touching on topics that range from zoning concerns to modular construction to the effect of tariffs on the cost of materials, individual speakers and panels will consider the hard questions and try to find consensus about how to deal with challenges.

Scheduled speakers will include Shauen Pierce, director of economic development and inclusion policy for the city of

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