July 2019

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is-commercial-building-over for-the-twin-citiesThere seem to be abundant signs globally that the availability of cheap money that followed the financial crisis of a decade ago is ending, and that a slowdown in all real estate sectors will arrive sooner rather than later. But, is it true? And if a slowdown becomes reality, what effect will it have on Twin Cities development and the local economy as a whole?

The answer is by no means simple, and opinions are far from united: Here's an overview from those who are trying to sort it all out:

No one is yet predicting a crash, but signs of a softening are everywhere, despite record high prices and plenty, perhaps too much, financial liquidity. The opportunities, according to some, aren't in balance with the demand. The noted Chicago-based investor,

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is-there-a-retail-rebirth-in-commercial-real-estateIs it simply wishful thinking, or as some business leaders contend, are we seeing a rebirth of innovation in retail and commercial development in Itasca County? There is no doubt, according to experts, that there are still some store closings and retail chain reorganizations ahead, but the impact may simply be "more of the same" rather than a pronounced downturn, as many had feared.

Based on prevailing opinion from leaders at the International Council of Shopping Centers convention in Las Vegas, there is still ample opportunity for retailers to grow and prosper. Low unemployment rates hinder growth because entry-level retail jobs are sometimes difficult to fill. There may still be store closings, according to most experts, but they are likely to be

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