March 2018

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How Small Businesses Can Use Solar Power to Get AheadSolar power is a practical option for small businesses, not just Fortune 500 companies. Not only do solar panels help the environment, but they can also bring in financial benefits for small business owners who seek to reduce their monthly utility bills. Because in recent years solar has become more affordable, installation can fall well within the budget for small business owners, making it a more viable option than it has been in years past. Small- and mid-sized business are finding out that commercial solar panels can provide a solid return.

Businesses may not be aware of the grants and government support available to improve energy efficiency. Additional incentives provide additional motivation to take advantage of solar power.

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Why More Commercial Building Owners are Going GreenGoing green with your commercial real estate can help you improve your building's property values, save money for your business and improve the experience of being in your building for employees and customers. If you're a business owner with commercial property, upgrading your commercial building is a smart way to invest in your business. Below are some of the most common reasons that business owners choose to upgrade their commercial buildings.

Save Money

One of the primary reasons that many commercial buildings are going green is to save money and/or increase value. Energy efficient water heaters, gas stoves and furnaces use less gas to produce heat and keep your facility comfortable. ENERGY STAR rated appliances are among the most

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2018 Office Design TrendsWill offices of the future be sleek and technology-based or are they apt to become more comfortable and homelike? While advocates exist for each extreme, it is evident that the work space of the future continues to evolve, and that there is no "one size fits all" solution. What offices in the next decade become is anyone's guess, but certain trends have emerged that point to new directions in design.

The Importance of Technology

Although many Baby Boomers have retired "from active duty," so to speak, large numbers still work from home or hold consulting positions, and new technology will serve to keep them connected with their industries even though they may no longer work 9-5.

Those in Scott County and elsewhere who do work regular hours,

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