January 2018

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Downtown Minneapolis or Lyn-Lake: Where Should Your Next Property Be? There are a plenty of great places in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where someone can construct a commercial building or buy one that has already been constructed. But which neighborhood is going to be the best choice, and what kinds of benefits do companies get from choosing that particular location? Two of the most popular options are Downtown and Lyn-Lake, both of which have a lot to offer when it comes to commercial development. Whether someone is looking to buy buildings to rent to others as investment properties, or they want to buy a building to house their company or business, both of those locations could be good choices. Here are some things to consider when choosing between them.

What Kind of Business is Being Developed?

The type

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Best of the MidwestMinneapolis is thriving—in more ways than one. The economy is getting stronger by the day, breathing life into the residential real estate market and ushering in a plethora of new job opportunities. The city is focused on its sustainable efforts, which is generating interest amongst people in all age demographics and showcasing that the community offers a high quality of life. All of this has peaked the interest of commercial real estate investors, who are keen to invest in a city that offers both demand and opportunity.

Recently, a report ranked Minneapolis as the top commercial real estate market in the Midwest.

Best in the Midwest: How Minneapolis Earned the Top Spot

Recently, the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report announced its

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