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Finding Tenants for Your Commercial PropertyCommercial property investors know that the key to success in this niche real estate market is uncovering the most desirable and in-demand properties in their area. Scoring a great deal on a valuable, sought-after piece of property is certainly something to celebrate, but then it's time to focus on the search for the right tenants. The tenants that occupy a commercial building in Minneapolis have a lot to do with its success or its failure.

Types of Tenants that are Ideal for Commercial Buildings

Different commercial real estate properties will be attractive to various types of tenants. In Minneapolis, retail commercial buildings, office space and multi-family developments are thriving. However it's still critical to identify the right

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Nicollet Mall Reopening, What's Next? The ribbon has been cut, but that doesn't necessarily signify completely smooth sailing ahead, according to officials. The ceremony at noon on Thursday, November 16, did, however, mark a milestone in the redevelopment and redirection of downtown Minneapolis. Whether it's "all good" won't be evident for at least another season or two. According to reports, there are still empty spaces in the mall, and the urban vacancy rate is somewhat worrisome.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges proclaimed that the day was "extraordinary" as the area with its 225 new trees, LED lighting and extravagant art displays was opened to the public. Much of the $50 million renovation, that spanned the terms of three different mayors, was completed underground, not visible

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Top Commercial Real Estate Markets NationwideThe real estate industry has been making headlines across the country for the last year, as media outlets scream out news of low housing inventory and increasing property values. While residential real estate is enjoying another moment again, it's also critical to take note of the strength of the commercial real estate market. Nationwide, commercial real estate is increasing in value and is in high demand. As communities attract a new and diverse pool of residents, commercial development is necessary to maintain that growth.

Investors who want to get into the commercial real estate market should consider these top markets across the country:

San Francisco, California

Often referred to as a the largest tech hub in the country, San Francisco

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