November 2017

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Financing a Commercial Real Estate Deal with a Bridge LoanThere are distinct differences between financing a commercial real estate investment and purchasing residential real estate. Generally, commercial real estate requires a far more significant financial commitment than residential real estate, due to the size and nature of office buildings, retail developments and multi-family properties. This means that the conventional lending options can be difficult for the average investors to utilize, and increasing regulations have only made it more challenging for commercial investors to go the tried-and-true route.

Now, creative financing is becoming the norm, and bridge loans are the lending option of choice for many commercial real estate investors.

What is a Bridge Loan?

According to the National

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The Commercial Property Manager: How to be Successful in Your RoleCommercial real estate is not the kind of investing that an individual tends to dabble in. Rather, the successful commercial real estate investor owns at least several different properties, and is more focused on earning investment returns than the daily management of those properties. For this reason, many commercial real estate investors look to property managers to help them effectively run and direct their investments.

What is the Role of a Commercial Property Manager?

Commercial real estate is in high demand, which means that the need for effective and efficient commercial properties managers is at an all-time high. A commercial property manager may be responsible for things such as daily management of a commercial property, including

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Why You Should Invest in Commercial Real EstateAnyone who is looking into real estate investment is serious about making a profit, but too many people mistakenly assume that residential real estate is best way to begin their journey. Before you make your first offer on an investment property, be sure to understand the differences between residential and commercial real estate investment. This will help you make a choice that is right for your professional goals and personal aspirations.

Residential Real Estate Investments

Those who invest in residential real estate often focus on purchasing single-family homes that they intend to flip for a quick sale or rent to tenants to earn continual income. Residential real estate can be an affordable way to begin investing in the market, because

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