October 2017

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The Investment Benefits of Buying a Multifamily HomeIn Minneapolis and St. Paul, it's hard to walk the lengthy of a city block without spotting some type of new housing development. Residential housing construction is on the rise, and this boom includes not only single-family residential properties but also commercial real estate. According to the Star Tribune, 33 permits were issued to developers who intended to build multifamily units. Those 33 permits will amount to 334 new multifamily units within the Twin Cities—a steep increase of about 32 percent from this same time last year.

Multifamily units are a viable option for many commercial real estate investors, particularly in markets where this type of housing is in high demand. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, the housing market has become

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Commercial Real Estate Tax ReformTax Reform was a hot topic during the campaign leading up to the presidential election, but details of President Trump's tax reform plan have been slow in coming since inauguration day. Now that it seems other issues have stalled, the administration has moved on to discussions of changes to the tax code.

Although it's still early in the game, and there are many uncertainties, what do the currently suggested changes portend for business and for commercial real estate? While the media focuses on proposed rate reductions for both corporations and individuals, there are other areas that impact commercial real estate, including like-kind or 1031 exchanges, real estate investment trusts (REITs), specific business deductions, immediate expensing, and

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Leaders still see promise for commercial projects in the Twin CitiesIt has been said often enough that construction activity reflects the health of other commercial ventures. If that's so, then the prospect for continued construction industry growth in the Twin Cities over the coming year is excellent. Business is good, and in many fields, it's expected to get even better. Even though there were some concerns voiced in February of this year when a group of industry leaders from different field gathered to discuss the trends, most indicators in this last quarter are still positive.

Here's an overview of the discussion, centered around technology, construction, insurance and human resources. Now that the tendency is to look ahead to 2018, what's in store? How have the early predictions played out? Are there

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