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				Collaboration and Teamwork Benefit Everyone for Building Finish-OutsThe way of the future in terms of interior finish-outs may be collaborative ventures with more than a casual commitment to transparency. Open Book Design-Build Contracts offer a way to bring together clients, contractors and architect/designers at the project outset in an effort to keep costs low and also reduce construction time.

Instead of hiring an architect or designer to develop conceptual plans for interior finish out, and following the traditional path through bidding and build out, a firm would assemble a team—at the very outset of the project—consisting of designer/architect, contractor and designated project manager or construction supervisor.

It's a way to save time and money by gathering a creative team at the very beginning.

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How Food Deserts can be Eliminated With Aquaponic GardensAlmost half of Minneapolis is characterized as a "food desert," with little access to fresh produce and healthy food. But a new farming method goes right to the heart of the problem; Aquaponics is not only a unique method of growing fish and food together, but a viable new business model in cities throughout the country. In Minnesota alone, there are more than 40 young aquaponic companies; and they love relocating to old factories and warehouses.

It constitutes a unique way to reuse old buildings, with no need for extensive rehabilitation and renovation.

Responding to Existing Need

Urban growers are also installing aquaponics systems on rooftops, in basements, in cafeterias and medical center courtyards, under greenhouses, on vacant lots.

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What Will the Office of the Future Look Like?Much has been written about the changing corporate culture, relating to company policies that have been altered to attract and retain talented new employees. More than ever before, the needs—in terms of job satisfaction and personal growth—are now being addressed. From factory to high-rise office, business life is a lot more than base pay and benefits.

Now there's a new consideration in the mix for employers.

It's not only an American phenomenon. Nor is it a concern only in urban settings, or for corporate giants. There is a growing sense, worldwide, that the quality of the workplace affects the quality of the work, and employers are "on board" to maximize both in increasingly personalized ways.

Creating a Better Environment

Among key

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