June 2017

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Alternate Income for Commercial Real Estate InvestorsBusiness incubators and non-profit consortiums are big news in some parts of the country these days. If such ideas haven't yet come to any one area, they may be headed that direction, often with the blessing and support of local governments, schools and the public.

Municipalities from Santa Fe to small Texas towns and midwestern farming communities are supportive of a variety of "do-good" ideas. Fledgling enterprises are often able to tap into support funds that allow them to lease space for initial start-up activities. Why not explore local opportunities for local commercial real estate?

Take the Lead

For individuals who currently have empty property that would make good rental space for a cash-strapped enterprise or a group of small

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Temporary Use of Retail Space Can Bring Additional Income to InvestorsThe fact is that the digital economy and new technology have led to closure of under-performing retail shops throughout the country. If someone currently has empty retail space, finding alternative tenants can be problematic if a commercial investor is not in a position to fund major building renovations. Consider a shorter lease term, and look to unique and creative ways to fill the space while determining a viable a long-term investment direction.

The Drawback of Commercial Investment

Commercial properties are, indeed, sensitive to market conditions, and current retail closures have become big news. There are other indicators that may lead potential investors to rethink the wisdom of expanding a portfolio of retail, warehouse of industrial

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Century Plaza Sale Approval ExpectedThe massive building constructed by the WPA at the edge of downtown Minneapolis that began life in 1932 as Miller Vocational High School is likely to be reborn as offices, according to those in the know. Once slated for the wrecking ball, the building known as Century Plaza was occupied most recently by Hennepin County Human Services. That department completed its move to new quarters in early May, after decades at the same address.

Sale Approval Expected

Century Plaza's fate was sealed on June 6, as the county is expected to give final approval for sale of the property to DEHL Properties LLC. The sale price of $9.4 million for the three-acre property comes with a proposal to renovate the building as market-ready offices and "flexible space,"

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