January 2017

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How to Have a Good Relationship With Tenants Balancing the multiple responsibilities of being a property manager and possibly acting as liaison between owners and tenants may sometimes seem like having several bosses with wildly different needs and expectations.

Juggling the tasks and instilling a climate of understanding and mutual respect is not, however, an impossible dream.

Communication Is Key

The first requirement is to listen well, to clearly outline expectations, and to maintain set standards. Realize that trust is founded early in any relationship. Part of any move-in orientation ought to include some basic instruction on dealing with potential emergency situations. Empower tenants by passing on specific information that can help them. Just as you are clear about rents, method of

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Minneapolis Downtown Retail Space Opportunity It's official. The Nicollet Mall Macy's will close in March. The building has been sold and, although a firm closing date has not yet been set, a liquidation sale is slated to begin Monday, January 9.

Macy's representatives confirmed the news in a meeting with members of the Minneapolis city council on January 5, and also notified state authorities that "up to 379 people could be idled sometime between March 6 and March 19," according to news reports in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The two restaurants on the 12th floor, The Oak Grill and the Skyroom, will close January 27.

The buyer, New York-based 601W Cos., reportedly will transform the space into modern offices that could conceivably employ as many as 2,000 people. There is also

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Construction in East Town Minneapolis Now that the Vikings are playing in their new stadium, it seems there's a lot of construction and development activity in the area. Here's an overview of what's planned and a look at what it might mean for the future of East Minneapolis.

Hint: It's looking good!

Big Ideas

The Strategic Plan for Downtown East and the area surrounding the stadium was always visionary and, perhaps, a bit grandiose. But now it seems as if it's on the way to becoming reality. Between the U of M and downtown's business district, Minneapolis East has always been vibrant. With ample open space, old buildings and residential areas ripe for repurposing, an efficient transportation network, an employment pool to draw from, economic drivers and some other factors that seem

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